Imagine what you could build 🏗
if you had time to learn all of React 👩‍🎓

Learn While You Poop! 💩
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Start with the basics, become a React 16.3 master

How frustrated do you get when you're learning some tech and every resource you find is just wasting your time?

Either you're reading random blogs that make no sense. Or you're paying through the nose for expensive books and courses that you'll never finish anyway.

Here's how it usually goes 👇

  • 🎲 you give up piecing together random blogs
  • 📔 you buy a book
  • 💸 get the video course upgrade too
  • 🆕 you start reading
  • 🎓 learn some basics
  • ⚒ you build some stuff
  • 💼 you get busy
  • 🏙 life gets in your way
  • 📽 and you forget all about your course
  • ✈ 6 weeks fly by
  • 👊 you get stuck
  • 🎲 you search random blogs for a solution

What if life never got in the way?

I can't promise life won't happen. Or that you won't get distracted and your boss won't give you a different project.

I can give you a plan.

Every day you'll watch a 2 minute video. If it's a new concept, or it makes you curious, you'll dig into an in-depth article about the same concept.

When you understand the details, if you still have time, you'll do some exercises. Self-contained, in a safe environment, there to help you learn. Shouldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes of your day.

Plenty of time left to do what you wanna do

I'll remind you when there's a new video available. No need to worry :)


Learn every day for $19/month
New content daily

You can check out videos from Module 1 to get a taste 👇

Module 1: React Essentials

Start with why you should learn React 🧐 then go from building your first React component all the way to the advanced stuff.

Render props, context, HOC, routing, the whole shebang. If that's confusing, worry not, you'll learn all about it 😊

Want just the advanced stuff? Start there! This is your course. You do you. 🚀

Pre-order Module 1 for $29
Companion articles/exercises coming May 2018

PS: Click on a title to open that video 🎥

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