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Software Testing Outsourcing Companies: QA Outsourcing Guide

The Complete Guide to QA Outsourcing with a List of the Top Software Testing Outsourcing Companies.

This is called Outsourcing. It is when work is outsourced to an outside vendor/company and is not performed internally. Many companies choose to outsource QA testing.

There are many factors that can drive outsourcing. However, it is important to note some points before choosing a vendor.

This article will discuss some of the key factors to consider before you outsource, as well as concerns that you should address before establishing an outsourcing company. We also provide a list with TOP Software Testing Outsourcing Providers.

Outsourcing Software Testing: Why do You Need It?

Software Testing Outsourcing is the practice of outsourcing software testing to an independent testing specialist, testing company, or third party, where they are not directly involved in the overall development of the software.

It is difficult for organizations to find the right mix of skills required to complete a project that uses the latest technologies within their organization.

For examples, I was working on a project where I set up a new testing team with highly skilled resources, methodologies, tools, and processes.

Team members must have skills in the following areas: Mobile Automation (Selenium and Appium), Rest API testing, SOAPUI exposure, and a solid background in cloud testing.

So, the final requirement was a tester who had knowledge in Automation, Healthcare, Testing strategies for Cloud environments, Coding and Scripting (Python and Java).

How can you expect someone to have all these skills? It is possible to meet the deadline even if one of the skill sets is not present.

Would you believe it would be possible for all organizations to hire testers with the closest matching skill, train them on their knowledge gaps and get them up to speed before putting them on the project execution team? Are you sure that they will be productive right away?

Many companies are not Testing Services Companies and do not have a Test Center Of Excellence (TCOE). This is because they lack the expertise and tools to support the various testing requirements of the company’s projects.

They haven’t kept up-to-date with testing trends, adopted global best practices and optimized testing productivity using efficient methods. The cost of building and maintaining core competencies within an organization is much higher than outsourcing.

Organizations that don’t have a long-term plan to build core competencies in testing will be more inclined to outsource QA services.

Similarly, most companies cannot afford to establish TCOE. This is especially true for startups that cannot focus on product development and instead invest their time in testing facilities.

These cases can lead to organizations having difficulty delivering quality products to customers. Because they are unable to adopt the most recent testing techniques, trends and technologies, they have to compromise quality. Outsourcing Testing is the only way to ensure product quality.

Sometimes it is a one-time task and the company doesn’t want to spend too much on testing. So they decide to outsource testing to domain experts.

Before you outsource, consider these factors

To help you decide if to hire a testing company or execute a QA task internally, check out the following scenarios.

#1) One Time Project & Internal Quality Assurance Team Has Skills

If you are testing for a single project, it is likely that the project will require a special skill set that the internal team lacks.

You have the option of training your internal staff, but this would take too much time and increase costs. You can choose to outsource the QA work to a company with the necessary expertise and support for the latest technology.

#2) A Short-Term Project, But More People

A QA team’s strength is often lower than that of the Maintenance and Development teams. Sometimes, delays in development, or any other reason, reduce the QA window. This would mean that the project or business requires QA completion as soon as possible.

In such situations, you have two options: use the existing resources to get high-level testing done, or hire more people to do extensive testing. This is a hard decision because it involves hiring and training people for testing, as well as retaining them over the long-term. It is better to outsource the work of QA companies.

#3) Long-Term Project, But You Need To Save on Cost

Outsourcing is a cost-effective option. It is more expensive to maintain an internal team of specialists than it is to contract with a third-party. If you’re in a position to manage and execute long-term projects, outsourcing 90% will make sense.

It is always best to keep a small group of business experts and project managers within your organization. Another problem is losing control of the project and business knowledge. You should be able to control what is outsourced.

Offshore QA Outsourcing

This is a time when the offshore QA outsourcing market has been growing quickly. Many American IT companies have outsourced their QA departments to overseas vendors. Companies can save significant money by outsourcing their QA department offshore. These benefits go beyond cost savings. Offshore outsourcing can also offer many other benefits.

The main advantages of are:

  • A faster time to market: Sometimes, testing times can be cut in half when we combine offshore and onshore teams. You can have teams that are available in different time zones with offshore outsourcing. This doubles efficiency and costs nothing.
  • Higher ROI. In countries like the US, labor costs are very high. They can also benefit from offshore outsourcing because the labor cost in traditional regions is much lower, and generally the workers have the same or better skills. The return on investment for offshore outsourcing is high.
  • Focus on Core Business. By delegating internal resources and transferring time-consuming tasks to an outside team, you can shift your focus to core areas of business or accept new assignments.
  • Global leverage: Outsourcing places your company in the middle of a new global market. Our business will be more open to global resources, know-how, and skills and we will also get publicity in emerging markets.

Benefits of QA Outsourcing

Outsourcing testing work has many benefits.

#1) Cost-savings are the main benefit of outsourcing. While building core competency and setting up TCOE in the organization will require increased testing costs, overhead tools and expensive infrastructure setups, outsourcing testing will not be as costly. Outsourcing will lead to a reduction in operational costs and a rise in revenue.

#2) Testing organizations employ a systematic approach to testing. This is based on best practices worldwide, the most effective testing strategies & methodologies, processes & tools and provides the highest quality testing with the lowest cost.

#3) These independent testing agencies are well-equipped with technically sound test resources and have created their own cloud infrastructures and testing platforms for testing purposes.

#4) Third parties or independent testers can offer specialized services in a variety of domains, including the latest technologies such as Web services, Mobile testing and Cloud testing, Digital testing, Big data, and Embedded System testing. They can offer specialized services in addition to regular testing. You get full testing coverage using the most current testing tools.

#5) They offer a wide range of testing services, including: They can provide everything from basic testing to test advisory, quality engineering, test automation, and next-gen testing (digital, big data analytics mobile testing, medical device test, etc.) that require a strong test strategy and high analytical skills for the tester.

They offer services such as Test Planning, Test Design and Test Execution.

#6) These testers have a deep understanding and experience with all open-source and commercial tools. They can adapt and integrate any Automation frameworks that are available on the market.

#7) Independent testers and testing agencies not only offer innovative solutions, but also solve the diverse testing problems that global clients face. They are able to handle even the most difficult software testing issues at all stages of testing.

#8) Testers or independent testing organizations can perform impartial evaluation & report and can give accurate feedback, without external influence.

#9) Third parties or independent firms will not have access to information about any project-related changes made during the software development process that affect the testing. Uninfluenced Testing

#10) Outsourcing is a way to overcome the limitations of insufficient skills, resources, or time.

#11) Business owners can rest assured that the testing will be done by industry experts. The final product will be high-quality.

#12) Business owners no longer have to worry about the delivery timeline or the possibility of missing deadlines for testing. They can set up strong SLAs with a third party regarding the timeline and other quality parameters. This helps to reduce the time required for software development.

#13) The owners don’t need to worry about how vendors test and manage their work. Owners can review the outsourced work and monitor the program, so they can concentrate on the development activities.

#14) Outsourcing testing provides an outside view of the product, as well as an overall picture to business owners. This helps them make better decisions.

#15) This will reduce the burden on the in-house team, which gives them more freedom to be creative and effective within their work scope. This will reduce the pressure on internal resources.

#16) Organizations may request additional testing support from independent vendors to meet any special requirements. new technology, resource crunch, or time crunch.

#17) Clients can choose the right business and payment model based on their project requirements. They can also sign a long-term or short-term SLA-based contract.

#18) Crowdsource Testing allows organizations to expose their software to real users. This allows them to collect feedback and defects well in advance of the actual testing phase.

#19) It is a well-known fact that outsiders are better at reviewing and testing products. An outsider will be able to see every detail of the product. This will allow for faster product improvement.

#20) Owners can take advantage of the time zone factor if testing is outsourced. The test report will be ready by the time the owners wake up the next morning.

Outsourcing QA can make a big difference for your company!

Top QA Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing QA results in cost savings. Outsourcing QA has the added advantage of ensuring high quality. An outsourced QA company that is well-recognized includes a team with in-depth knowledge and proficiency from testing a variety of software products.

Below is a list highlighting the top QA outsourcing companies worldwide.

#1) ITechArt

iTechArt is a preferred partner for startups and tech companies that are growing fast. iTechArt has 1800+ highly skilled minds. Their dedicated QA teams monitor stress levels, load and other performance issues.

iTechArt offers these services to help ensure that their clients’ software is successful:

  • Functional testing
  • Automation testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • Security testing

New York.

#2) QAlified

QAlified, a company that specializes in software testing and quality assurance, focuses on solving quality problems through minimizing risks, maximising efficiency, and strengthening organisations.

Independent partner who can evaluate the quality of any software. More than 600 projects in Banking and Financial Services, Government (Public Sector), Healthcare, Information Technology.

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay.

#3) Global App Testing

Global App Testing is trusted by top developers around the globe and has tested over 6400+ apps. Global App Testing combines crowd testing with intelligent automation to ensure high-quality software is released anywhere in the world.

They provide Localized Application Testing with real users (60,000+ verified testers) on real devices all over the globe (in 189+ nations worldwide). They offer exploratory testing as well as test case execution. Actionable results are delivered within 1-36 hours. A customized test can be completed in 30 minutes.

They are experts in Crowdtesting and Mobile App Testing, Localized Test, Exploratory Testing and Test Case Execution.

Prominent clients include Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Instagram, Depop, Craigslist, Verizon, Citrix, Evernote

Location: London (UK)

=> Visit Global App Testing Website

#4) QASource

QASource is a leader in software engineering and QA services. We offer a complete suite of QA testing services that will help you get better software out faster.

It has over 800 engineers located nearshore and offshore, and provides software testing services for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups since 2002.

They are experts in API Testing, Functional Testing and Mobile Testing. It has clients such as Ford, Oracle and Prudential.

Address: QAsource is headquartered in Silicon Valley but has also offices in Chandigarh (India) and Aguascalientes (Mexico).

#5) QA Wolf

QA Wolf is a new kind of test automation company. They are the first data-driven testing company that can get engineers to 80% coverage in a matter months. This is half the cost of hiring a QA engineer.

This is possible because they have an open-source testing framework that allows them to fulfill their promise. Your entire team has full access to QA Wolf’s test framework. It is included in every partnership. The platform offers unlimited test creation and test runs. Tests can also be run in 100% parallel.

QA Wolf specializes on functional testing. This includes any interaction with Salesforce, Integrations, APIs and Salesforce.

Location: Seattle WA

#6) QualityLogic

QualityLogic understands that shorter release cycles mean it is more difficult to complete all testing before software is released. As a partner in software testing and quality assurance, QualityLogic can ensure that the product functions properly and that the user experience is flawless before and after it is released.

QualityLogic is a software testing company based in Boise Idaho. They have over 35 years experience. QualityLogic’s onshore QA testing labs offer exceptional value without the language and culture barriers, time zones, and distance limitations of offshore outsourcing.

QualityLogic’s technical expertise comes from over 5,000 successful projects. Their technical capabilities enable you to scale your business at a low cost. QualityLogic is a strategic vision-based company that focuses on fine details and delivers quality results throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Locations Idaho and California.

#7) iBeta Quality Assurance

iBeta Quality Assurance provides software testing services to both small startups and Fortune 500 companies. It was established in 1999. It provides a variety of services, including automated testing, manual testing, website testing and mobile testing.

It performs all work in a fully-equipped 40,000 sq. ft. lab. It can offer services to businesses located all over the globe.

iBeta Quality Assurance assigns a Project Manager and members of the test team to each project. It adapts your processes and methodologies to ensure seamless integration. It will provide transparency throughout the entire project, from contract phase through to completion.

Headquartered: Colorado, USA

#8) ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a leading QA outsourcing company with 33 years’ experience and can help companies deliver secure, stable software.

ScienceSoft’s scope for QA services:

  • Designing QA strategies and testing plans.
  • Analyzing the feasibility of test automation and estimating its return on investment.
  • Incorporating and executing relevant testing activities in the development process (functional, compatibility. localization. performance. usability. and security testing).
  • Regularly providing test reports and KPI-based reporting on the performance of the QA team.
  • Continuous improvement of QA and testing processes.

ScienceSoft uses the testing center of excellence to collect QA best practices. To set up and execute efficient QA processes, with testing costs down as high as 40%.

ScienceSoft ensures that there are no serious defects in production, cooperation transparency, and adapts the QA process according to the software specifications. It also establishes effective communication and control over service delivery.

Office: Headquarters, McKinney TX. Also, offices in the EU, Middle East.

#9) QAMentor

QAMentor is a leading software testing company. It is CMMI Appraised, ISO Certified and has around 8 offices worldwide. They provide a variety of QA services, including Core QA, Strategic QA, Automation QA, On Demand QA, and many more.

The company employs between 51 and 200 people. The economy pricing ranges from $12 to $29 per hour for testers. They also offer different packages for website testing, mobile testing, and automation testing that range from $199 up to $30k.

Headquarters:QAMentor has its headquarters in New York. This company also has offices in New Jersey and Brooklyn as well as France, Israel, Romania.

#10) TestMatick

TestMatick is a USA-based company that can serve every need in QA outsourcing.

It offers almost all QA-related services, including mobile testing, functional testing, installation testing, game testing, technical writing service, SEO, QA recruiting service, and many more. It is a trusted partner of many renowned clients all over the globe. Mediaspectrum, Sweetrush, Samanage, etc. These are just a few of the many.

The company employs between 51 and 200 people. Their testing services cost an average of $25 per hour.

Location:TestMatick has its headquarters in New York. They also have offices located in Ukraine and Cyprus.

#11) ValueCoders

They offer many outsourcing services around the world, including Software Testing & QA. They are focused on testing that addresses the most common business concerns. They provide a variety of QA services, including Independent QA, Integrated Testing, QA Consulting, Full-cycle Testing, Mid-Life Testing, Custom Testing, and QA Consulting.

There are between 201 and 500 employees. Their testing services cost an average of $25 per hour.

They are located in Gurugram, India.

Website: ValueCoders

A Few Other Notable QA Outsourcing Companies Include:

#12 PixelCrayons
#13) TestScenarios
#14) Devstringx Technologies Pvt Ltd
#15) Testco
#16) Sillicus
#17) Quality Assurance Test Lab
#18) Qualitest
#19)TechWare Solutions
#20 Orient Software
#21) Ideavate
#22) LogiGear
#23)Axis Tech
#24 WebSity
#25) CSS
#26) UTest
#27) QA
#28) BugHuntress Quality Assurance Lab
#29)Orimark Technologies
#30Cigniti Technologies
#31) ThirdEye
#32) Considersoft Global
#33) indium Software
#34) Pure Testing
#35) 360Logica

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How to Choose the Best Company

When choosing a QA outsourcing company, it is important to do extensive research and consider the key factors.

#1) Portfolio:

It is important to review the company’s portfolio and determine its Vision, Mission Objectives, Goals, and Existing Clients. It should be well-respected in the outsourcing industry and a good fit for the industry.

The following factors are important to evaluate the capabilities of a company:

  • The Area of Expertise/Skills: The difference between getting testing done by an amateur and an experienced resource can make a big difference in the final outcome. Before you choose an outsourcing company, learn about their services, i.e. What testing they offer? What expertise do they have? What are their past clients and projects? The most skilled QAs are usually ISTQB/CTAL/CTFL-certified, which shows that they are technically competent. You can verify if testers in a company have these certifications.
  • ReferencesMake sure you verify the references provided by the vendor. You should also check out which QA outsourcing companies have made significant progress in this industry. Check out the market trends and report.
  • Industry Experience: Check if testers have previous experience in the industry you work in. Testing can be made easier if the testers have a good understanding of the business functions. This will help to improve quality. If you are in the Healthcare sector, it is a good idea to find a tester with experience working with Healthcare projects. Similar principles apply to other areas such as Finance, Legal, Academics, and so on. It also applies to other domains like Finance, Legal, Academics, etc.

#2) Adaptability/Flexibility/Scaling Up And Down:

It is important to know if the company shortlisted can meet the needs of the client. For some projects, more or less resources may be needed. The company should be able meet the requirements accordingly.

They should also be able to scale up or down according to the project’s needs. Outsourced QA staff must also be able to handle changes in requirements, test plans, regression errors, and other issues. They must be able perform in constantly changing conditions.

They should also be flexible enough for you to change your internal procedures and practices.

#3) Infrastructure/Security:

It is important to know more about the infrastructure of the company. We deal with lots of secure data today, and we even have access to confidential information. It is important to know how the company protects your privacy.

Some testing is also specialized, requiring special setup, such as devices and network conditions. It is therefore advisable to verify the device test mechanism as well as the connection setup, before outsourcing.

Many companies employ their staff to work in ODCs. This is where they are responsible for a client project only and any outside staff cannot enter. ODCs are equipped with cameras to monitor the activity and limit the use of storage devices, mobile phones, and other gadgets. To prevent data leakage.

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Software Testing and Outsourcing Models

While organizations are focused on speed to market, cost control and high quality, they must also adopt optimized testing methods.

Outsourcing software testing has become a popular option, but it is important to understand the role of outsourcing in the IT industry. There are many outsourcing models available today.

Let’s look at the two main terms in Software Testing:

  • Traditional Testing Services
  • Specialist Testing Services

Traditional Testing Services, also known as TTS, is a Software Testing model that involves the use of an in-house testing team to perform Software Testing.

Specialist Testing Services, also known as STS, is a category that includes testing services in which test specialists, SMEs, or testing organizations offer testing services to clients.

#1) Testing Services

This model involves the establishment of an in-house testing team. They work together to develop and test software within their organization using their own resources and won’t outsource.

These companies would have created their own testing teams and partnered with the Testing Center of Excellence.

#2) Specialist Testing Services

This model is also called Software Outsourcing Testing Services or Independent Software Testing Services. It involves outsourcing testing activities to 3 third-party testing vendors.

The testing services are provided by the specialists or subject matter experts (SME’s). It is impossible to have different subject knowledge by one tester or several in a group. It is possible to do a better job if the testing is outsourced to a specialist service.

Outsourcing Testing is offered by Specialist Testing Services. This includes Outsourcing Testing to

  • Independent Testers
  • Testing Organizations
  • Crowd Testing Group

(i) Independent Testers:

It is possible to have the work done by Independent Testers (also known as Freelancers) if it is not too large or long. The Independent Testers are independent from developers, so they can do a great job giving honest, open, and righteous feedback on the product.

This means that there are no concerns about biased decisions when testing is done to “Independent Testers”.

The model is based on either a pay per hour, or per project type of payment to Independent Testers. Testers will use their personal set-up for testing and not need to use any special set-up. Clients will provide access to special test equipment if required.

(iii) Testing Organizations

The outsourcing of testing to 3 rd testing organizations or Testing Vendors means that you can contract the whole or part of the testing work.

Clients don’t want third-party vendors to be located in their own buildings or shared with the development team at the client. This allows them to keep an eye on the project and protects the confidentiality. Clients allow these vendors to use their test setups, processes, and methodologies.

Another scenario is that the owner has complete control over the test resources. They will either be located at their offices and not at the client’s location. Only the Test Manager can interact with the owner to exchange project information and transfer it back to the team. Clients may not be able to use their resources for testing.

Global clients can get testing services from top-notch companies such as Accenture, TechM and Infosys.

The organizations that specialize in testing, such as Qualitest and Dignity, have a wealth of knowledge and can provide top-quality testing services to their clients.

(iii). Crowd Testing:

Crowd Testing includes testing offered to real users or end-users during beta testing.

The payment options that clients can use to outsource testing include:

  • Time and material
  • Fixed price
  • Output-based
  • SLA is based
  • Other models

Software Testing Models Outsourced

Outsourcing Software Testing Services: A List

Below are some QA services that you can outsource:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Mobile App Testing
  3. Automation Testing
  4. Performance
  5. Security Testing
  6. Usability
  7. Cross-browser Testing
  8. Localization Testing
  9. Services in Technical Writing
  10. SEO Testing
  11. Testing the User Interface
  12. Exploratory Testing
  13. Multi-platform testing
  14. Test your skills with a game
  15. E-commerce Testing
  16. Installation Testing
  17. QA Recruitment Services
  18. Full-cycle Testing
  19. Pre-certification Testing
  20. Documentation services
  21. Compatibility Testing

Here are some useful tips for successful QA outsourcing

#1 Choose the Right Vendor: In fact, selecting the right vendor is the most important tip. We’ve already talked in depth about how to choose the best QA Outsourcing Company.

#2 A comprehensive SLA: Service Level Agreement is a key component of outsourcing partnerships. SLAs establish guidelines, rules and due dates for each stage of testing. It acts as a legal reference point for both parties and protects them.

#3: Coordination between The Outsourced Team and In-house Staff. To make things more efficient and faster, it is important to have better communication and a common understanding among the outside and in-house testing staff. It should be possible to reach the correct person in the company.

Poor coordination and communication between the parties can lead to poor understanding of Product requirements, Vague bugs reports, late changes in the test plans, and misses delivery dates.

#4 Keep Outsourcing Testers Focused on Quality Assurance: The quality assurance task should only be the focus of the outsourcing team. They can be biased in testing if they are involved in development tasks.

#5 Frequently Evaluate the Outsourcing QA Vendor. Periodic reviews help you achieve your QA goals. Assess the current situation of the company, review the testing documentation, identify hidden actions, and cost drivers, and then adapt your business system to the vendor.

#6 Choosing an Engagement Model: You need to choose a business model that is compatible with your business and minimizes risks. Decide whether you want to outsource Incremental or total.

This decision must be made taking into account many variables such as the geological area selected, business policy, and understanding the landscape.

#7) Motivate the Outsourced QA Team and In-house Team. It is essential to maintain high team morale for successful QA. There are many ways to appreciate your team members, but here are some key points.

  • To ensure that everyone can work efficiently, share the most recent tools and information.
  • Listening to employees and working with them to resolve their issues.
  • When they achieve something, applaud them.


This article covers everything you need to know about QA outsourcing. We covered the benefits of outsourcing, software testing outsourcing models, and important factors to consider when outsourcing. Finally, we shared some useful tips for successful QA outsourcing.

The concept of TCOE has been slowly falling due to the many benefits and opportunities offered by outsourcing Software Testing services. Organizations are increasingly turning to outsourcing QA services for software testing.

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