And thus concludes modular one of Learn While you Poop. We covered react essentials all the way from why you should even learn react, to how you can publish a self contained react component to open source.

We covered render props, compossible components, how you can reuse things, we said that you should hoist it up, place it down by props, call backs going back up.

We talked about the new context API. What else? We covered routing with react router, we talked about story book, how you can develop your components in a way that’s more usable. We covered a lot of stuff. And all of it was, I hope useful and I hope you learned a lot.

If you were a complete react newbie when you started, this course may have gone a little fast, but hopefully you were still able to kind of learn the basics. Get the gist of how react works, learn how to think and react. If you were a bit more advanced, I hope you got some useful tidbits. I know a lot of people said that they really like the episode on refs. Some people really enjoy the episode of context.

I had somebody say that you were able to explain something in two minutes, that I previously struggled to understand for months. So that’s really cool, I think this has been a useful experiment for me, hopefully for you.

Now here’s what’s going to happen next. The last 30 days of daily videos was like a preview, and I’m going to launch this as a react essentials video course, with the same videos you have right now, except each of them is going to come with a long form article, that goes in to depth, and into great detail about the specific topic that’s talked about in that video, because I personally believe that text is still better for solid understanding, but I like the video to get the general gist of an idea.

So with the video course, you’re going to have video to get the gist, and then a long article to really learn in detail. And then I’m also going to pair every article with specific examples and practice exercises that you can do so that you can really solidify concepts. And after that, if the model proves out, if you tell me that the model works, if you can learn this way, I’m going to be launching a course like this every month. The next one I’m planning is, state management with redux and mobax, after that I want to do testing and graph Quel and a bunch of different topics where-

So please, let me know in the comments, if this is something you would like, and please tell me if this is how you can learn modern web development.


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